Maria Beatrice & Michele

A new adventure for the series: you always have to try! Wedding photography, as many will know, has never been one of my passions. I always preferred to spend time outdoor taking pictures of nature: whether it's a landscape, a butterfly macro, or a wild animal's life. Moments where timing is fundamental, where you cannot distract yourself for a while, because you cannot ask to the subject to repeat the shot... situations where the subject does not even know you are there to photograph him! Anyway, when it came to the challenge I decided to accept it and as in everything I do, I tried to do it in the best possible way. In my opinion, a photographer, in order to be complete must be able to photograph anything and whatever. I thank Maria Beatrice and Michele for the trust they gave me, now let's talk the pictures... (obviously just a small extract).


  • Category : Wedding
  • Date : 25 ott 2014
  • Location : Verona, Italy