I was born in Verona (Italy), I attended a scientific career that ended with a magistral degree in Computer Science. Since I was young, I love nature and especially animals. I started to go inside the forest, often alone, to taste the quiet and the silence of the nature.
My passion for photography started in 2010 with a simple "bridge" camera, then I upgraded to a Nikon reflex and a lot of other gears during the next upcoming years.
My first love genre was Macro photography, but after few time, Wildlife photography became my favorite one. This kind of photography, for whom doesn’t know, requires so much commitment and dedication. Many awakes in the middle of the night and a lot of hours spent walking around in the searching of new subjects in the forest or on a peak of a mountain or even standing quite and silent inside a blind and wait for the subjects to appear.
All my pictures show only free animals in their habitat, no zoos or reserves, so their presence isn't assured by anyone.
As a wildlife photographer and a nature lover, my attitude with animals is first of all the respect! I'm involved in some project of nature conservation and I collaborate with WWF, LIPU and other no-profit associations for the wilderness preservation.
I think that the post-production it's an crucial part of digital process, so I'm doing it with the best tools. For pictures that describes nature it's important to keep the image as natural as possible, in colors, scene etc...
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